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What Is a California Public Official Bond?

A California Public Official or surety bond provides a financial guarantee against loss that the official duties of an office will be faithfully performed according to the law during a specific term of a specified office. The bond requires public officers and secondary obligors to pay a fixed amount if they do not faithfully perform their duties in the office.

Types of California Public Official Bonds

California Public Official Bonds may serve different functions: Fidelity Bonds and Faithful Performance Bonds. Also, states use “fidelity bond” and “faithful performance” interchangeably, there is a difference between fidelity coverage and faithful performance coverage.

Fidelity Bond

A Fidelity Bond intends to ensure honesty, where a party agrees to indemnify another party against a loss resulting from dishonest actions or misconduct by a person holding a position of trust.

Faithful Performance Bond

The Faithful Performance Bond ensures the faithful performance of an official’s duties and provides a wide range of coverage from lapses in fidelity through ordinary negligence.

Who needs a California Public Official Bond?

California Public Official Bond Public Official bonds cover town, city or municipal governments, state government agencies, city and state courts, and community and state colleges. There are specific public official bond categories that cater to these groups of public officials, clerks, and agents, namely:

  • Mayors and Judges
  • Sheriffs or Deputies
  • Court Clerks and Officers of Courts
  • Constables
  • Treasurers, Assistant Treasurer, and subordinates
  • Town Clerks or other Town Officials
  • Tax Collectors, Deputy Tax Collectors, and subordinates
  • Agents Selling Hunting and Fishing LicensesCalifor

How to Get a Public Official Bond FAST!

Applying for a Public Official bond is rather simple. Just apply through our easy online form and submit your bond application. We will contact you soon after with a quote on your bond. For bonds with higher amounts, you may be asked to submit additional documentation which may take slightly longer.

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