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What is a Southern California Judicial Bond?

Southern California Judicial Bond is a type of court bond that guarantees court costs are secured. Civil court proceedings require judicial bonds when someone involved in a lawsuit seeks a special right or remedy in advance of a final court decision.

If an opposing party incurs damages as a result of the special privilege granted and the court later determines the privilege was unjustified, a judicial bond guarantees that the obligee will be made whole.

Southern California Judicial Bond expert since the 1940'sWhat Does a Judicial Bond Include?

A Southern California Judicial Bond includes specialized bonds such as Fiduciary Bonds, Removal Bonds, Replevin Bonds and Appeal Bonds among others. A common bond in this area of surety bonds is the Court Bond or Judicial Bond required by a court in order to secure a appealing party’s costs of Appeal, Attachment, and/or Injunction.

Simply Put … 

In simple terms, it’s a bond filed with the court as a guarantee. For example, a losing party to a civil court action is typically required to post a Court or Judicial Bond to guarantee payment of a verdict while the appeal process is underway. Typically, a Court will not allow for an appeal of a judgment to take place until the appellant has posted a Bond to the Court in an amount that typically exceeds the amount of the judgment against the appellant in the matter at hand. Often times the amount of the bond is 125% of the verdict amount.

Types Of Southern California Judicial Bond

Examples of common court/judicial bonds are:

  • Appeal Bond – An appeal bond is an amount of money placed in holding while an appeal is being decided.
  • Attachment Bond – The attachment bond is the emotional connection formed by wordless communication between an infant and you, their parent or primary caretaker
  • Court Cost Bond – A Cost Bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees payment of court expenses.
  • Indemnity to Sheriff Bond – An Indemnity to Sheriff Bond is a type of Judicial court bond. … The bond guarantees payment or reimbursement to law enforcement officers if they experience losses or damages or if they incur while seizing the property. 
  • Injunction Bond – An Injunction Bond is a type of Surety Bond that provides a guarantee to the defendant against any damages he or she may sustain should the court dismiss the plaintiff’s lawsuit. It also protects the defendant from being unlawfully accused.
  • Replevin Bond – A replevin bond permits the plaintiff to take possession the property withheld by the defended prior to a hearing.
  • Retraining Order/TRO Bond – A Temporary Restraining Order Bond (also known as a TRO Bond) is a type of injunction bond that protects a defendant against loss in case the court decides that a temporary restraining order was unnecessary or should not have been granted.
  • Writ Bond – A writ bond can allow you to bypass the period of waiting for your scheduled appearance in front of the judge and be released.

How to Get a Southern California Judicial Bond FAST!

Applying for a Court/Judicial bond is rather simple. Just apply through our easy online form and submit your bond application. We will contact you soon after with a quote on your bond. For bonds with higher amounts, you may be asked to submit additional documentation which may take slightly longer.

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